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I saw this roll up banner as I walked by a travel agency near my house. At first glance, I thought the image was intentionally blue but when I recognized the font as that of Emirates Airline, I suspected something was wrong.

Upon closer inspection I realized that it was in fact an Emirates roll up. An old, dilapidated, and sun scorched Emirates roll up. Not exactly the best look for an airline that prides itself on its premium service.

Judging by the fact that the sun had completely drained the banner of any color, the collateral must have been given to this agency ages ago. In fact, they may not even have a relationship with Emirates anymore as they have actually used a sticker to cover the airline’s logo at the bottom. How sneaky.

This happens all the time. Placing your collateral at a third party point of sale can be a great way to increase exposure and serves as a reminder to the shopper while they are actually in the process of assessing purchasing options. However, third parties rarely care how your material is handled.

I would recommend  that you do develop point of sale material (POSM), as below the line advertising can be very impactful. I also recommend checking on it regularly and replacing it when necessary. You usually cannot influence how it is going to be treated once installed, but you can manage if it stays there when it is no longer a positive representation of your brand. Intelligent point of sale partners will not want run down material in their stores either, so they will either throw it away or call you for a replacement.

Management of what material has been given to whom is important. When you are developing different POSM, create a Microsoft Excel file that tallies what has been printed, where it is to be placed, and the date it is placed. Then make it a habit to check on your material every few weeks to ensure it is still in good condition (or even still there!). If the retailer wants to dispose of your material, dispose of it yourself. I’ve seen way too many pieces of POS thrown carelessly in the garbage dump for people passing by to see. This is not ideal for your brand image.

POS management fileGood POSM is a fantastic persuasion tool, but if it doesn’t present a positive image of your brand then it will actually dissuade shoppers from buying your brand.