Time. There never seems to be enough of it, especially when you run your own business. Between managing suppliers, answering emails, and helping your customers, some days promoting your business just doesn’t get a slot in your schedule.

But it should. Every single day.

Social media platforms are fantastic and inexpensive tools for daily promotion. But when you have launched pages on multiple platforms it can become overwhelming to manage them all, especially for a multitasking entrepreneur. I used to find myself forgetting to post updates across all platforms and scrambling to do so after news had already been released via my other networks. I made a lot of mistakes with these rushed tweets and posts! It was frustrating and time consuming and I never felt I was managing my social media correctly.

Then I discovered Hootsuite, and I realized I actually wasn’t doing it right. I had been doing things the hard way for so long.

hootsuiteHootsuite is a social media dashboard system that allows you to manage multiple platforms at once. From one website I could streamline my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and schedule them to post simultaneously. Ah-mazing.
Screenshot 2015-09-03 21.26.39But it doesn’t stop at those social platforms. With a free account, Hootsuite allows you to add up to three of the following networks depending on your needs.

Screenshot 2015-09-03 21.17.17

Once you’ve selected your accounts, it’s time to set up your streams. On your homepage you can organize your dashboard into tabs to suit your needs and add streams from the different platforms to each of those tabs (mentions, posts, retweets, and more depending on the platform). As you can see below, I have set up mine to separate each social media platform on a separate tab. You can do it this way or another option could be a tab to show the posts you create and one to show audience interaction like mentions, posts to page, retweets, etc. The system is flexible enough for you to set up your dashboard whatever way that suits you.

Screenshot 2015-09-03 22.35.35

With the free account you will also have access to some simple reports about your social media reach. The included report templates are quite basic, but you can create your own more detailed reports to be emailed you at your selected frequency. To get truly detailed, however, you need to upgrade to a paid account.

Screenshot 2015-09-03 23.10.28

To make things even more convenient, Hootsuite has a great mobile app that will help you keep on top of all your key social media accounts while you’re on the move.

By allowing you to manage multiple networks, schedule posts, and gather analytics through one system, Hootsuite saves you the time you need to tackle the rest of your endless to-do list! It’s definitely on my list of must-have tools for any busy entrepreneur.