So this is a bit overdue, but here is another UAE national day brand execution that I really enjoyed (if you haven’t seen my post about du’s patriotic ad, check it out now).

Last week, Persil Abaya Shampoo shared a lovely little video of a local artist singing her version of the UAE national anthem. Her voice is stunning and evokes goosebumps as she plays the guitar. The Persil bottle guitar, that is.

Now the branding in this ad isn’t exactly subtle, but it isn’t bothersome either because it’s actually quite clever. Holiday advertising is a minefield, because brands want to capitalize on the occassion without seeming too opportunistic. In this execution, Persil found a way to integrate itself into a national day dedication with more than just a logo at the end of a video without being overly commercial. In fact, the sheer ingenuity of making a guitar out of the Persil bottle causes me to view the brand as more innovative than I did before.

Well done, Persil. I’m keen to see more videos using this detergent guitar, so please don’t let it collect dust on the laundry room shelf!