Spinneys has a special place in my heart as it was my first customer when I started my career in consumer goods sales. The supermarket chain is a foodie’s heaven, offering the freshest ingredients often unavailable anywhere else.

On my latest visit to the store, I noticed a very clever addition to the meat and seafood aisles. Spinneys has placed tearaway recipes on the shelves to answer the common question shoppers ask themselves: what shall I cook tonight?
By adding this simple below the line material on the shelf, Spinneys is not only enhancing its image as a food specialist, but it is also subtly encouraging cross selling by suggesting different store branded ingredients in the recipe. To make this Barbecued Roast Chicken recipe below, you will need SpinneysFood Fine Paprika and Waitrose (Also a Spinneys brand) Spiced Fruit Chutney. While the paprika is a commodity good you may have at home, chances are you do not have fruit chutney in you cupboard so you will pick that up along with the chicken. IMAG4268.jpg

Even if you don’t own a physical brick and mortar shop, this technique can be translated to your online outlet by advising shoppers on what products are best used with the product they happen to be looking at. If  a shopper is considering a skirt on your e-store, you can suggest a matching top or jewellery as well. This will cost you nothing more than an adjustment in coding.

Sometimes the most effective ways to increase sales are the simplest too.