While making coffee at a client’s office last week, I noticed a really clever marketing move by Splenda. I’m sure the employees in the break room thought I was a little bit nuts for taking pictures of the sweetener.


Splenda is brand that offers multiple low or no calorie products made to help you “enjoy the sweet life without the calories.” The most popular product is its no calorie artificial sweetener used both for cooking and sweetening drinks, which is pictured above.

While the safety of such products has been questioned in recent years, the desire for a no calorie sugar is definitely real, as people strive to find a way to have all the pleasure of sugar without the added inches on the waistline.

Splenda positions its brand as your partner in health & wellness and promotes these concepts through all of its communication. On the packaging above, the brand utilizes the limited space on its sweetener packets to reinforce that positioning by sharing tips and tricks for cutting calories. It’s an extremely simple way to communicate with customers that the brand is interested to help you lead a healthier life, and not just when it comes to sugar.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Splenda also includes tips for how to use its products beyond your coffee mug. This can help increase consumption and sales, as it shows existing users how to introduce the sweetener into other parts of their kitchen.

Simple marketing tactics are my favourite kind, and this one definitely falls in that category. Product packaging is one of the best communication tools as you are getting a final word in to people who are contemplating buying your product or have already bought it, which means you are able to make a last effort to convince them to buy the product or actually reinforce the positive aspects of using that product to those who already have purchased it.

Do you use your packaging as a communication tool?