medicineI’ve recently started working with a new client in the medical field. The work is challenging because while the clinic is classified as medical, many of its treatments are also beauty related. The classification, however, brings many restrictions that a traditional beauty salon or spa would not face. All of this is completely new to me, and I’m still learning the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Health, which oversees all communication by any medical organization.

As a marketer, the regulations are overwhelming. As a consumer, they’re such a comfort. First of all, every single piece of communication from any of these establishments needs to be approved by the MoH. Every. Single. One. What they check for is truthfulness in messaging and an avoidance of over-promising and deception. In fact, the MoH doesn’t even allow the use of words such as “unique”, “incomparable”, and “unprecedented” or phrases like “pain free”, “has no side effects”, and “100 %-immediate results”. By forbidding the use of such language, the ministry is trying to prevent advertisers from luring consumers with false promises.

So while this makes communication more challenging, I find these kind of regulations to be an indication of the serious dedication to consumer protection in the UAE and applaud that.

To read more about the MoH’s medical advertising regulations, check out this link