Spark Story: Lime & Tonic Made an Embarrassing Mistake in Their Newsletter, but How They Managed It Was Beyond Awesome

Sep 5, 2015 | Advertising, Digital, Spark Stories | 0 comments

This story is almost two years old, but it’s such a great example of companies thinking on their feed that I felt the need to re-tell it.

Two years ago I received this newsletter from Lime & Tonic, the experience curation website.
Screenshot 2015-09-04 10.11.46Seems ok, right? The only problem is my name isn’t Joe.

This simple mistake caused the company’s intention to personlize my newsletter to majorly backfire and actually highlighted how impersonal newsletter management can be. The blunder had also come a week after another email I had received from them offered me an introductory AED 20 discount. The email mistakenly claimed that I had signed up only a month ago when I had actually registered over a year ago.

Screenshot 2015-09-04 10.46.39 As an entrepreneur myself, I totally understood how all this could happen. I saw the good intention behind both emails and decided to contact the team personally to point out the two slip ups so they could avoid them in the future. I didn’t want to be snarky or rude, but I did want to bring it to their attention because with the endless list of tasks a startup has to manage, these things can go unnoticed.

The team was apologetic and completely sincere in their reply. I was happy with their handling of the situation and didn’t think about it again.

Until they sent out an awesome mass newsletter to their entire database acknowledging the Joe error.

Instead of glossing over it or sweeping it under the carpet, the L&T team decided to highlight their naming error and turn it into something fun. They apologized and announced that to make up for it they would be holding a Joe costume competition at their upcoming Halloween party, and that the best Joe would win a prize. 100 points for creativity!

With a move like this, the online social concierge showed that their brand is approachable, light hearted, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. My encounter with their team was also very down to earth and professional, thus showing a consistency with that image. Instead of allowing their mistakes to potentially put off their database, they embraced them and reminded their users exactly why they had signed up for the newsletter in the first place: to have a little bit of fun!


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