Instagram Ads: Double Tap for That

Oct 24, 2015 | Advertising, Digital, Guest Posts | 0 comments

By Rami Itani

Instagram Ads
Our Digital World is Evolving
As our digital world evolves, advertisers are always on the move to find new ways to reach and target their audiences. The starting point is usually Facebook, as it is the world’s largest social media network with over 1 billion monthly active users globally.

But there are now many different digital channels that advertisers can use to precisely target the right people. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, and with a community of more than 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is one of these channels that is growing in popularity and offers unique ways for users to capture and share the world’s precious moments.

Instagram: Passion For Fashion? Not Only That!
Instagram has created a passionate community that uploads more than 70 million photos each day in addition to double tapping a a massive 2.5 billion likes per every day. Users are not only uploading photos and videos of their precious moments with their loved ones, but also interacting and sharing their love with their favorite brands – from fashion brands to food brands and more.

Admit it, we all love instagramming our plat du jour and hashtagging #yummyinmytummy!

Do it Right!
Instagram is the best platform to view interactive media especially on big screens, as our smartphones get bigger and bigger. Content is king, and Instagram is a brilliant way to target users with the right message using the right interactive media at the right time. For best results, make sure that your brand tells a unique story with a clear concept to grab the user’s attention. Keep it genuine!

The Instagram ad platform rolled out in the MENA region at the beginning of October and was welcomed enthusiastically by the industry. We as advertisers are still experimenting and collecting insights to build learnings and best practices, as it still hasn’t reached the maturity state of other social media advertising platforms. As it gradually rolls out, here are my initial observations.

Baby Steps
Currently, the only available ad types on Instagram drive one the following:

  • Website Clicks: drive users to your website
  • Mobile App Installs: encourage people to install your mobile app
  • Video Views: tell a unique brand story and drive more views to your video

Website conversion campaigns should be available at a later stage which would encourage people to take certain actions on your website, like sign up for a newsletter or buy a certain product.

Everyone’s Excited for IG Ads!
Many brands in the region were excited with the Instagram ad platform launch and wanted to test it immediately. One of the campaigns I launched on the photo sharing platform was for a prominent regional telecommunications provider. While clear insights are not available yet, the results are good so far and reported click-through rates are higher than that of Facebook campaigns. IG ads are also not as cluttered, as the ads look like a native Instagram post which makes it easier for users to engage without feeling that they are being bombarded with a paid ad.

Also note that the average frequency of ad impressions per user is usually low, but if the creative is done right with a short caption and a direct call-to-action, you can drive outstanding results. With a series of artistic creatives, you can create a brand story which enhances your image in your customers’ minds. And Instagram is the perfect medium for that!

Have you encountered any Instagram ads recently? What do you think? Share your thoughts!

Happy Instagramming!

Note: The Instagram advertising platform is gradually rolling out and will be available to all advertisers by end of October.

Rami Itani
Rami Itani is a passionate Digital Marketer and Technology Lover. He works with ads – lots of them. Always up to date in the tech and media world. He’s also a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups lover and a huge Game of Thrones fan.


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