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Spark Story: Brightpoint is a Breath of Fresh Air in UAE Healthcare

Nov 2, 2015 | Advertising, Branding, Spark Stories | 0 comments

Brightpoint Hospital Logo

As recent arrivals to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, finding new doctors for our family has been an ongoing process. It takes time to find healthcare practitioners who are both qualified and a comfort to visit.

A few weeks ago, I needed to book an appointment for myself. I called the clinic I take my daughter to and asked to see the head gynaecologist. Easy. I was so happy at the prospect of having both my and my daughter’s doctors at the same clinic.

The day before the appointment I received a call from the clinic confirming the appointment. After reviewing the details of the appointment, the caller then ended by telling me that the doctor did not allow children in her office. Uhm, what? As a mother who doesn’t have home help, a rule like this leaves me with no choice but to seek another doctor. I was frustrated and completely turned off by the clinic. They expected people to arrange babysitting services so they could see a women’s health doctor? How ridiculous. If I didn’t love my daughter’s pediatrician, I would have probably chosen not to return to this clinic with her either.

At this point I was a bit desperate to book a quick appointment, but most of the leading doctors were busy. I had heard about a new women and children’s hospital on the radio called Brightpoint and decided it was worth a try. I called to book an appointment and asked if I could bring my daughter along. The receptionist sounded slightly confused, “of course, madam. This is a women’s and children’s hospital. We always welcome children and even have a play area for them in the waiting room.” Now that’s more like it.

The radio ad I had heard promoted the hospital’s “emotionally supportive and family like atmosphere.” It sounded like the same jargon I’d heard every other hospital use so I didn’t take it to heart. This time, however, I was proven wrong. Brightpoint is a brand that is actually working to deliver on its brand values.

The hospital is massive, but it doesn’t feel cold. Smiling staff greet you as you enter and warmly direct you to the correct floor. The signage is attractive and clear, and if you do happen to get lost along the way there is no shortage of people willing to help you. From the moment I arrived I was greeted by name and my daughter was welcomed by all the staff. The waiting room I was escorted to not only had a play area for her, but it also had this sign (below), which I had seen posted in many other areas of the hospital. Free WiFi is huge upgrade from the outdated magazines I’m used to seeing in waiting rooms. Brightpoint waiting room

It’s also convenient that the hospital offers to book taxis for its patients, instead of allowing them to wait outside in the heat to flag a cab. A simple service like that costs the hospital next to nothing, but goes a long way to show what they will do to ensure patient comfort.

A kind nurse guided my daughter and me to the doctor’s office, and even took my child’s hand while we were walking. She must have felt as comfortable as I did, as she accepted the nurse’s hand without hesitation which is not something she generally does. Another win for Brightpoint.

2015-10-19 10.04.29

When we arrived at the office, the team sent in an assistant to play with my daughter so I could focus on speaking with the doctor. What a stark difference this was to the other clinic that had refused to allow me to even bring my child with me to the appointment. Not only were they inconveniencing me, but they were showing a complete lack of empathy towards me as a patient, which is an important component of healthcare.

In contrast, Brightpoint is striving to create a true family like atmosphere at its hospital. The staff have clearly been handpicked and well trained. The branding, decor, and marketing collateral is attractive and reflects the brand’s personality as a down to earth healthcare provider that is here to help you and your family. Everything about this hospital was consistent, which shows that they don’t believe their values are just words on paper.

Brightpoint has identified a real gap in the UAE medical industry, which is the availability of healthcare providers that make you feel comfortable, provide quality care, and actually deliver what they promise. They have won me as a long term patient, and I look forward to not dreading my upcoming doctor’s appointments!


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