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Do We Want to Save Steve’s Job?

Jan 22, 2016 | Advertising, Spark Stories | 2 comments

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Last October I wrote about Insydo being one of my favourite newcomers to the social media scene. Their clever intro video set high expectations for their marketing, as its tone was a fresh, humorous change. I was unsure if they would be able to keep it up, but their latest campaign proves that not only can they keep it up, but they can also kick it up a notch.

The campaign, labeled Save Steve’s Job, prominently features their “marketing man” Steve urging  people to visit to keep him from losing his job. According to the campaign site, Steve blew his entire marketing budget on this campaign so if it doesn’t boost Insydo’s awareness and traffic he’s a goner.

Steve and co. have been building support all over Dubai by visiting major tourist sites, taking pictures with airline pilots, and even putting up a massive billboard of Steve’s face on SZR. Creepily, he looks just like Steve Jobs in the photo (get it?? Get it??).

My instinct was that this campaign would go straight over people’s heads, as the communication material barely mentions what Insydo is and instead relies on intrigue to drive traffic to the site. The region isn’t really used to anything other than in your face advertising and clear as day demos, so I had my doubts.

The response to the campaign has completely proven me wrong. The style and tone of the campaign are so novel for the UAE that they have broken through the clutter. The engagement on social media has been through the roof, with people praising Insydo for its bravery to try something unconventional and do it with full force. Their social media team has also been fantastic in responding to every single poster in a personalized manner, which is a huge job in itself.

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The depth of the campaign is what really differentiates it for me. Many local startups create clever pieces of communication but don’t put them in the context of a full campaign so they are often missed. Insydo obviously has the financial power to execute a proper campaign with multiple touchpoints, which has led to their message being unavoidable. Unfortunately,  most startups don’t have that kind of capital.

Steve, I genuinely hope you don’t lose your job because you (and your team) have proven that the market is ready for more advanced forms of marketing and campaigns. For that, you deserve your job AND a medal.

Have you visited due to the campaign? What is your opinion on it?


  1. Vici Majid

    Finally some interesting marketing! The Dubai market has matured a lot over the last few years… it’s a shame the clients haven’t.


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