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Astrolabs Digital Marketing Courses

Mar 5, 2016 | Advertising, Digital | 0 comments

A few months ago I posted about working on my weaknesses and forcing myself out of my marketing comfort zone. I followed through on this promise to myself and went on the hunt for some digital marketing classes to take. Being completely realistic with myself, I knew I could not commit to long term courses, so concise but comprehensive were the two key considerations in my search.

After much research, I found that the Astrolabs Academy has what seem like the perfect classes and workshops for me. The Academy is aimed at tech entrepreneurs and covers different topics like programming, digital marketing, web/mobile analytics, business development and more. Most of the classes are 6 hour intensive weekend workshops run by the Astrolabs team or affiliated experts. Each individual class can be taken separately, but is also part of a larger “track” that you can pursue if you want to dive deeper into the topic.

I wanted to book myself into so many of the classes, but decided to start with a comprehensive overview of push marketing on April 23, which I’m sure will be beneficial for me as a marketing consultant. After experiencing the quality of the class I’ll report back and potentially book myself into more of their interesting workshops. Would anyone like to join me?


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