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What is the Opposite of Remarkable?

Mar 8, 2016 | Advertising, Strategy | 0 comments


I’ve been reading The Purple Cow by Seth Godin (well, listening to it – podcasts and audio books save me on my commutes to work), which is a book centered around the belief that the only way to be noticed in today’s cluttered advertising landscape is to have a remarkable product or service. Even creative advertising can’t save you if your product is only “good”.

One of the quotes struck me and forced me to put the book down for a few minutes while I absorbed what Godin meant. He says, “the opposite of remarkable is not bad. The opposite of remarkable is good.”

The opposite of remarkable is good! How can that be? Isn’t being “good” a stepping stone to remarkable? No, in reality being good is an obstacle to a business truly being remarkable.

When your product is good, you want to preserve the status quo. You become comfortable with the moderate success you’ve attained, and you worry that any radical change could destroy what you’ve built. Trying to be remarkable is a risk. Trying to be remarkable could land you flat on your face.

When you have a bad product or service, you’ll try anything to change the status quo. You will take risks, you will make mistakes, all in the name of trying to climb from bad to remarkable. Bad companies have no issue with trying new things. In fact, most managers at struggling companies know that change is the only thing that may save them.

Look at the way your organization behaves and assess if being “good” is paralysing your progress. Is your organization settling? Don’t allow being good to rob you of being remarkable.



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