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The priceless benefit of being someone’s “guy”

May 14, 2016 | Advertising, Strategy | 0 comments


Panky is my “guy”. My jewellery guy, that is.

5 years ago my friend referred me and my now husband to Monili Jewellers  as a reliable place to purchase our wedding jewellery. In the lead up to our big day we had a variety of pieces custom made with them and worked with Panky, the co-owner, the whole time. Hagglers at heart and still not knowing the market very well, we searched, and compared and searched again to see if someone else could give us a better deal. They never could. And every piece we made with him was more exquisite than the next.

Over the five years since meeting Panky I’ve often tried to prove to myself that jewellery is a commodity in Dubai due to the sheer number of jewellers, and that there must be someone else out there who can deliver what Monili does. I have yet to find a single supplier that can.

Panky doesn’t simply create beautiful jewellery. Panky creates a consistent experience that always puts you at ease. Through our numerous encounters, he has always delivered three things:

1. Ease of interaction
2. Peace of mind
3. The highest of quality

With him, I know that he will always understand what I want, bring it life, and never cheat me on price. On top of all that, he’s a really lovely person.

So because of all that he became “my jewellery guy”, which means he’s my go-to in the industry and I recommend him in a heartbeat to any friend looking to add a little sparkle to her life. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve sent Monili’s way, and they too have recommended the jeweller to countless other clients.

Here are four important lessons that any business can learn from Monili: 

Nurture all your client relationships: No matter how small her first purchase is, each first time client is a potential loyal client. The first piece I made with Monili was not overly expensive, but Panky treated it with importance and didn’t lose patience with my endless questions and the number of times my husband and I said we still wanted to “look around”.

By valuing each and every client relationship, Panky makes everyone feels like he’s “their guy”. I’ve actually referred him to people who laugh in return and tell me that he’s their guy too. Not only does he remember all our names, but he’ll also remember details about our lives even if we haven’t been to see him in a year. His people skills are phenomenal.

Word of mouth will always be king: I doubt Monili spends much on advertising, but the reality is that they don’t need to. They constantly earn the best kind of advertising there is: word of mouth (WoM). The ripple of people they reach as a result of every happy interaction brings in endless streams of business for the Gold & Diamond Park based jeweller.

Focus on what you do and do it better than anyone else: Why does Monili earn ongoing WoM? Because they do a damn good job of creating beautiful jewellery and exceeding client expectations. Dealing with them is comfortable and consistent. You honestly could not ask for more than what Monili provides.

Existing clients are the key to new clients: Many of my clients are fixated on bringing in new customers to their business. New clients are great, but the end goal should never be simply bringing in a revolving door of people. The real benefit of new clients is the potential that they’ll turn into loyal clients. But here’s the thing: if you treat the already loyal clients well, they’ll actually bring in a lot of your new clients and your job will be that much easier. Focus on your existing base.


Being your clients’ go-to in your industry is the pinnacle of success, and it actually isn’t complicated. It does, however, require dedication, attention to detail, and consistent quality work. Think you can deliver that?




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