Can salt be remarkable?

Nov 26, 2016 | Advertising, Branding, Digital, Spark Stories | 0 comments

Salt. What’s remarkable about salt?

If you answered nothing, you’re absolutely right. Salt is the perfect definition of a commodity product. So when you work in the marketing department of a salt company, how do you create a memorable advertisement about the seasoning that will be watched and shared by millions across the globe? Well, according to Morton Salt you don’t make it about salt at all.


When a company’s main product is ubiquitous, it often resorts to price cutting or bulk promoting to try to get an edge on the competition. Morton Salt is an American salt company that was founded in 1848. Recognizing that there isn’t really a compelling product based unique selling proposition about regular table salt, the company’s marketing department decided that instead of starting price wars, it was going to built a lovable brand around an unremarkable product.

Morton Salt’s emblem is a yellow coated girl carrying an umbrella. Using her as an inspiration, the marketing team built a campaign called #WalkHerWalk in which they aim to make an impact on various communities, just as salt makes an impact on all meals.

The below music video from OK Go was a collaboration with Morton to show how you can bring so much happiness to people’s lives in a short moment – no more than that. The video has been viewed and shared by millions. While the salt company’s branding is minimal and understated, the joint project is definitely having a brilliant impact on improving the brand awareness and memorability. In fact, I’d never heard of Morton Salt before and now I’ll definitely have a look for it on the supermarket shelf.


Even if you believe you compete in the most unremarkable industry or are inundated with competitors offering similar services, you can still always do something crazy and wild that links with your brand and sets you apart from the pack.


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