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Jun 29, 2017 | Miscellaneous, News & Campaigns, Strategy | 0 comments

It’s not a regular occurrence to start our mornings featured on The Huffington Post, so it was a lovely surprise to see an article by our Principal Consultant Maya up on their site this morning. Maya discusses how avoiding our weaker professional skills can be a detriment for our careers. A snippet is featured below, and you can check the full article up on here.

Exercise to Strengthen Your Weaker Skill Sets

I can’t do a pull-up to save my life. I know this, I accept this, and I rarely ever try. When it comes to working out, I push myself but there are some exercises I simply avoid. Pull-ups are one of them.

Imagine my distress when I saw 100 pull-ups as part of my gym’s workout of the day (WOD). One. Hundred. Pull-ups. I looked at the trainer incredulously. Is this a joke?

“No,” he replied, “but you have options. You can do the full pull-up. You can use the band to support you. Or you can use the TRX. You have three choices, but you have to do 100 pull-ups in some way.” I grimaced. I shouldn’t have come today, I thought. Maybe I can still sneak out.

A big thanks goes out to The Ellevate Network for putting the article through to HuffPost and supporting women in the workplace in all the right ways.


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