How Packaging Can Win Consumers

Aug 29, 2018 | Design | 0 comments

Convenience is the ultimate asset in today’s time crunched world. Consumers are always seeking ways to make their lives easier or do things more efficiently, and companies that support that effort with their products or services win against their competition and are usually able to command a higher price as well.

One of the key attributes of a product that people are willing to pay extra for to improve convenience is packaging. If products come in a package that helps make life easier, consumers are willing to pay the premium. A great example of this is Mentos bottles, a format introduced for the famous gum a few years ago. These bulk packs are perfect for the car or office and ensure that gum lovers never run out. Generally, we assume that buying in bulk means financial savings, but in the case of Mentos the producer actually charges 12% more per piece of gum for the bottles than for blister packs. Is the gum any different? No. The only reason for the higher price is the easy packaging.


We asked our community what made their lives easier, and here are a few other great examples to inspire you to improve your product packaging.

Diaper Wipe Lids

A mother will tell you that there is nothing more irritating than opening a pack of wipes to clean up a big, baby mess only to find that a brand new pack has dried out due to the poor quality sticker sealant allowing air in. A simple plastic cover keeps the wipes moist and is actually a differentiation that many mums consider when deciding on what brand to purchase, even it is more expensive.


Hand soap pumps are not uncommon, but this handy dispensing solution has shown up on many other personal care products in the last few decades such as lotions, body wash, and hand sanitizers. This mechanism makes it easier to dispense the proper amount of product with minimal effort.


Resealable Snacks
Ever opened a bag of chips and finished it because you didn’t have a way to seal the bag? Some snack companies have saved us the extra binge by adding zip lock seals on their bags to keep food safe for later.


But don’t forget the environment

Whatever you do to improve convenience, don’t do it at the expense of the environment. Consumers are more conscious than ever about preserving Mother Earth, so just as you try to improve convenience try to improve the eco-friendliness of your packaging as well. That is a win-win combination that so few companies have nailed so far.



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