Have Marketers Learned to #BalanceForBetter?

Mar 7, 2019 | News & Campaigns | 0 comments

By Jacqueline Perrottet Tels

If you’ve noticed your newsfeeds highlighting women more than usual, there’s a reason for that. March is Women’s History Month, and March 8th is International Women’s Day. Many brands incorporate this theme, but how that is done differs greatly. Some brands honor women by breaking gender stereotypes, while other brands create special offers and promotions to target females in an effort to boost sales. There are a few brands that even take the opportunity to educate the public giving a glimpse inside the company and how internal policies reflect a larger social mission. We’ve gathered some articles that represent how brands are supporting, promoting and educating consumers during Women’s History Month in 2019.

Marketing Week

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements and supports female empowerment and advocacy. It has also become a platform for some brands to rise above female stereotypes. While many brands miss the mark, there are a few that we think get it just right like Nike’s new “Dream Crazier” campaign and Mothercare’s #BodyProudMums. Take a look and let us know if you agree.

Wall Street Journal

How many times have you seen a woman on the box of a washing detergent or a campaign for a sports car featuring a man? Hopefully the answer is not as much today as in the past. Marketers are striving to break down gender stereotypes, but they’re not the only ones. Read more to find out how the United Nations is weighing in, and some countries are even taking a stand to prevent gender bias by regulating the use of potentially offensive stereotypes in advertisements.

Arabian Marketer

While Gender bias and stereotyping in advertising are global issues, a recent Arabian Marketer article sheds some insight from a MENA perspective. What do you think are the biggest challenges on a regional level?


Fast Company

Does it matter if a business is owned by a woman or a man? Yelp thinks it might and has made a feature to make it easier to identify and support women-owned businesses. Rebecca Minkoff, founder of Female Founder Collective, thinks this will be very important. Find out how Yelp is partnering with Minkoff to get more people talking and spending to close the economic divide.


Nestle Middle East – Facebook Video

Some brands are working to educate rather than sell in honor of Women’s History month. Nestle Middle East recently posted a video on their Facebook page to discuss important issues about equal pay versus gender pay gap. These two concepts are both critically important but are often confused. Watch and let us know if you think the explanation is effective.


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