The 2019 Custom Show Emirates

Apr 24, 2019 | News & Campaigns | 0 comments

By Jacqueline Perrottet Tels

Custom Show Emirates (CSE) is one of the leading automotive exhibitions in the region and showcases the latest in auto customization products and services. Last month, exhibitors gathered from around the world in Abu Dhabi, and over 110 local and 70 international businesses were represented.

Besides for having a penchant for nice cars, Itani & Company was involved to support one of our clients, Leadright, an industry leader in premium aesthetic and protective services. Exhibitions are essential to a variety of industries, and anything that moves normal operations into a new venue takes planning, logistics and time. Thankfully, we at I&Co. are equipped to manage all things exhibitions and were able to assist Leadright over the three day show.

When we talk about the importance of exhibitions with our clients, we get mixed reactions. Some see them as an important part of the retail and service ecosystem, while others think they are expensive and disruptive add-ons to normal business operations. Whether a business should participate in an exhibition is a unique question and must fit within a larger branding strategy. When companies do decide to participate it is important to understand that even with tens of thousands of visitors the success of an exhibition is measured by multiple factors, and not only direct sales.

Exhibitions give visitors the opportunity to gain exposure and educate themselves on the latest and greatest products and services. Over the last decade, exhibitions have experienced more discerning visitors resulting in fewer, higher quality exhibitions that provide convenience, variety and let’s not forget fun! For car enthusiasts, CSE gives visitors the unique ability to browse thousands of products and services under one roof, while at the same time enjoy stunt driving, engine battles and custom car competitions. “It doesn’t get much better than this,” was a phrase said more than once around the Leadright stand, which included the latest Lamborghini Urus SUV fully wrapped in a custom red and black design; a car that demanded attention.

And as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. CSE is over with every stand dismantled and every car driven away. But don’t worry, the buzz is not gone; it has merely relocated back to the showrooms and garages where business is busier than ever.


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