Building Brand Advocates

Jul 31, 2019 | Branding, Strategy | 0 comments

By Jacqueline Perrottet Tels

It is commonly thought that happy customers are the best advocates, but what about happy, educated employees?

Tribe Dubai

Members of the Tribe Dubai team taking part in a Brand Advocacy workshop right in their warehouse!

Employees who understand and believe in your company’s values, vision, and goals are the foundation needed to build a strong brand. So few businesses take the time to ensure that employees do actually understand the brand, and sometimes a question as simple as “describe your company in one sentence” can leave a team stumped. It is very common for employees to understand their role, department, or specific aspects of a company, but when a team is in one room answering the question of “what does your company do?” very often there is no consensus. This is an all too common occurrence in our popular Brand Advocacy workshops.

Brand Advocacy workshops have the sole objective of immersing employees into the brand they are working on so that they can live and breathe it. The sessions are valuable, interactive, and fun,  which is why so many of our clients host them annually. Companies constantly evolve in reaction to internal and external changes. Staff turnover, new product launches, strategy development, are all real-life scenarios that companies deal with on a regular basis and change the face of the business. Even more simply, leadership and employees within companies get busy with day-to-day dealings and sometimes forget about the big picture. During Brand Advocacy sessions, companies often discover that departments are working in silos instead of collaboratively. It is amazing how many “aha!” moments occur when companies realize how easy it is to maximize resources and share knowledge by aligning understandings and working together.

Leadright employees carrying out an exercise

One of our clients, Leadright Group, recently participated in a Brand Advocacy session and exclaimed how happy they were to come together and learn from each other. This was the company’s second session and only a month later, they are already planning a third to ensure more employees can benefit from the valuable day.

If you feel that your team could use some brand immersion or some motivation, get in touch with us on to learn more about how your company can benefit from a brand advocacy session, too.


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