Avoiding Business Burnout

Jan 15, 2020 | Advertising | 0 comments

In today’s fast-paced world it’s no wonder that 67% of employees interviewed for a recent Gallup poll said they were experiencing burnout.  While burnout can affect all companies, it can be devastating for small and mid-size companies with limited resources. We’ve seen burnout firsthand at Itani & Company, as many of our clients have expressed some form of it that negatively effects their business and employees.

The exact cause of burnout varies, but we’ve identified some areas of overlap and common themes. It’s helpful to know some of the trigger points in order to help our clients find solutions, and better yet, ways to avoid them in the first place. We think this is an important topic to bring up as the new year begins in order to ensure the ambitious goals set for the year are sustainable and achievable, rather than insurmountable burdens leading to potential burnout.

Below are some of our helpful tips and tricks on how companies can prevent business burnout and ensure a successful 2020.

Reflect and recharge

It’s imperative that companies encourage and allow for time to reflect and recharge, both for its employees and for a company. Recharging should never be a response, but a habit that is incorporated into a business and daily life. Small changes from taking lunch away from your desk to reviewing business plans to ensure processes are working as efficiently as possible, can have a huge impact.

Build a supportive team

Having a supportive and capable team is one of the most important aspects of running a business. We often hear from companies that they don’t have the budget for larger teams and the associated overhead, to which we respond: there are other options! For example, Itani & Company supports businesses as an outsourced marketing department providing a full department with senior level marketers for the same cost of an employee. There are similar options for other areas of your business as well, such as HR or accounting.

Regardless of how a business leaders builds their teams, it’s important that surrounding themselves with capable people is a priority in order for them to focus on business operations and prevent burnout. When you try to do everything yourself, you don’t do anything well!

Strategize to relieve stress

It’s easy to have ideas, but for those ideas and dreams to come to fruition it’s necessary to have a clear understanding of the business’s vision as well as put a strategy in place. Instead of reacting month to month and building your brand through ad hoc activities, strategies help businesses anticipate and adapt for uncertainties while moving forward with a clear plan. Creating a strategy takes energy and investment at the beginning of the year, but it pays off in stress relief when it matters most, ensuring that your time is spent efficiently and effectively.


Jacqueline Perrottet Tels


Jacqueline Perrottet’s career has spanned a multitude of roles that have combined marketing strategy and implementation in both the United States and United Arab Emirates. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a diligent eye to her work as a Marketing Manager on the I&Co. team.


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