SME Resolutions for 2021

Jan 12, 2021 | Digital, Miscellaneous, Strategy | 0 comments

This week Maya was invited on to Helen Farmer’s show on Dubai Eye 103.8 to chat about SME resolutions to start the upcoming year strongly. In light of how off track 2020 went, Maya jokingly advised people not to make resolutions at all, but did go on to give three points of advice for the upcoming few weeks.

Website update
Your website is your company’s online home. Too many companies in the UAE set up and only build their online presence via Instagram, Facebook, or other social media channels. This is incredibly short sighted, as these platforms offer “rented land” that can be taken away from your business at any moment. In fact, last year there was a spate of Instagram hackings that left business owners at the mercy of greedy online pirates. Many were unable to recover their business pages and thus lost years of audience building.

While websites can definitely be hacked as well, it is much less likely that you will lose full control of a website you own. Our recommendation for the start of 2021 is to audit your website and check the following:

  • Is the information on the website still accurate?
  • Does the look and feel reflect your brand positively?
  • Is it easy to navigate?

Many companies launch their websites once and update them so infrequently that the written and visual content begin to reflect poorly on the brand. Put a website audit on your to-do list for January to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Social media planning
It’s unlikely that any SME is not active on social media, but just how active and how strategically planned the content is is the true question. If you still manage your social media totally on the fly, it may be time to take it more seriously and begin planning in advance. Ad hoc messages every once in a while simply won’t make the impact you’re hoping for.

First, establish how many posts a week you are willing to commit to and on what platforms. You do not have to be on every platform! One of the biggest social media mistakes is biting off more than you can chew. Then, take a look at what kind of content best engages your audience. Do they like to see videos of your behind the scenes work? Or do they like to see tips from you on your area of expertise? Once you establish that, create themes for each of the weekly posts you want to commit to and begin to draft content on a monthly basis for the following month. You can then use a scheduler like Hootsuite to schedule your content ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about remembering to upload posts every day.

Tell others!
One of the most surprising things we see is that SME owners often don’t tell those nearest and dearest to them about what they’re up to or what they need to succeed. Your inner network should be your biggest advocates, so one resolution you should definitely make in 2021 is to engage them more and inform them of what you’re up to. You’ll probably find that those around you are happy to support you, but just never knew how to do so or that you needed support at all. There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help!

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