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About Us

Building a business is hard.

As your company grows, the multiple hats you wear begin to weigh heavier on you, including the marketing hat. No business owner can deny the importance of marketing, but the different aspects of it can tangle into one big box of confusion that distracts you from your daily operational concerns.

At Itani & Company, we integrate with businesses like yours to become your outsourced marketing department and relieve you of that distraction.

We immerse ourselves in your brand to capture your aspirations and translate them into tangible actions that put power behind your dreams. With our team on board, you can now be confident that the marketing is truly being taken care of.

So let’s talk to get started on building your brand and boosting your business.

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 Maya Itani, Managing Director

Starting Itani & Company

Maya Itani founded Itani & Company in 2015 with the aim of bringing multinational caliber marketing techniques to homegrown businesses. Having worked with some of the world’s best consumer brands, Maya strove to use her skills to demystify marketing for business leaders and help them implement a more strategic approach.
Today, educating business owners about how building a brand can build a business is a core part of our ethos. We are a team of passionate and pragmatic marketers who understand the limitations that business leaders face, and we are also strong advocates of the local economy.

As we work with companies from all sectors, our depth of experience allows us to draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Our approach is strategic, collaborative, and supportive.

Above all, we are not an agency. We are your marketing partners.

Our Team

Layal Takieddine

Marketing Director

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Layal has contributed to the growth of key brands by creating and executing B2C and B2B strategies. She brings in a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion in her role as Marketing Director.

“I’m happiest when I’m making a difference in people’s lives.”

Eman Al Banna

Social Media Manager

Eman is responsible for all social media strategy and content for both I&Co. and its clients. With years of experience in the field, Eman understands how critical it is to use social media channels to accurately reflect a company’s brand, messaging, and tonality to best reach and engage with its audience.

“I’m happiest when hiking and exploring forests.”

Israa Javed

Junior Brand Manager

Israa’s career began at UAE based digital giants Noon and Namshi where she helped launch some of the country’s most famous brands and developed the skills to implement effective marketing strategies. As a Junior Brand Manager, she brings dedication to every client and ensures all projects are executed with innovative and creative solutions.

“I’m happiest when my baby wakes up and smiles at me.”

Livi Florea

Brand Designer

Livi Florea is a Brand Designer at Itani & Company. She is an enthusiastic and creative person with a solid background in advertising and a passion for the arts which drove her to become a self-taught graphic designer. As a brand designer, Livi ensures all visual elements align with the company’s brand guidelines and reflect its image positively.

“I’m happiest when we have uninterrupted family moments like biking or a picnic on the beach.”

Work With Us

Whether you are gearing up to launch a new brand or a well established company looking for a new perspective, we would love to hear from you to assess how your business can benefit from the power of marketing.