The Situation

Leadright is one of the UAE’s top providers of luxury aesthetic and protective solutions for the automotive, marine, and commercial industries. The company had enjoyed market leadership for many years due to the quality of its work and referrals from their clients, but an influx of new competitors led the management to seek a more formal approach to growing sales through marketing.

The Solution

In the first year of engagement, I&Co. created brand and marketing strategies to assist:


  • I&Co. helped establish three separate branded divisions within the company to ensure each department was given its due focus
  • Comprehensive campaigns were launched instead of ad hoc advertisements and promotions
  • The brand’s logo was relaunched to modernize its look and feel, and three sublogos were created to represent the three divisions
  • A new website was launched to better represent the brand’s luxurious services and share more information with potential clients
  • The social media team began planning content on a monthly basis rather than a daily basis
  • Corporate relationships were improved through the creation of four corporate profiles for the company and its three divisions
  • Customer relationship management processes were aligned and a digital system was implemented
  • Digital marketing strategy was put into place
  • Pay per click advertising was launched

The Outcome

  • Increased brand awareness for Leadright UAE
  • Improved employee morale
  • Better customer relationship management

In Their Words

“The marketing strategy was comprehensive and well delivered. It covered all aspects that Leadright lacked from a marketing perspective. Most importantly, it was clear to us that the research work was carried out in a very professional and thorough manner. The delivery of the project in a timely manner and the level of professionalism we have received make us more than happy to recommend Itani & Company Marketing Consultants to others.”

Idriss Makdoud, Managing Director