The Situation

M&J is a new, upscale Moroccan kaftan brand that will be launched in the UAE in Q2, 2020. As this market is highly fragmented and competition exists at all price points, the client approached I&Co. to help verify its business model and identify its target audience through qualitative and quantitative research.

Market Research


The Solution

To verify the concept, I&Co. developed a three-phase market research plan that included both qualitative and quantitative research.

  • An extensive competitive report on three competitors
  • Two focus groups with various target segments (nine respondents)
  • Five in-depth individual interviews were carried out
  • Quantitative research was carried out with over 100 respondents
  • Product sketches were shown to both qualitative and quantitative respondents to understand design preferences

The Outcome

  • Identification of the niche target audience
  • Adjustment of the brand concept and business model
  • Understanding of design preferences among target audience
  • Understanding of acceptable price bracket for target audience
  • Identification of potential go to market tactics

In Their Words

“I contacted Itani & Company to perform market research for my business, and I was very happy with the outcome. Working with Maya was a delight, she was very open to my feedback and incorporated all my comments while suggesting new ideas based on her expertise in marketing. It is really refreshing to work with a professional who can bring all the expertise while listening to the customer’s specific needs. I will definitely contact Itani & Company again for my future projects.”

Founder, M & J